Justin on July 20th, 2011

I can’t believe I’m actually going to share my biggest secret with the whole world except the girl I’m going to propose to.  Since she was young, she has always loved princesses, knights and castles, so here is my plan in short:

I’m going to surprise her by flying her to a fairytale castle in Europe where I will ride up to her on a horse wearing shining armour just before sunset. Then on one knee I will reveal a custom made diamond ring as ask her to marry me. The tricky part of the plan will be to keep it a complete surprise until she is standing outside the castle and I am on one knee.

It sounds easy but there are a lot of details that go into making that sentence into reality. Since I can’t tell her what I am up to, I’m sharing it with you and hoping to get your help, your opinions and advice.

I’m real, she’s real and this website is a story about my amazing proposal. Thanks for joining me for sharing this site with your friends. I can’t wait to hear from you all!


My newest post follows below after the table of contents

    Justin on November 23rd, 2012




    To make it easier for new and returning visitors to follow my story I made a short table of contents post. I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me. To read the articles click on the titles after the chapter number.


    Chapter 1: Making the Plan a Reality  After reading my first post (My Biggest Secret) read this one next as it talks about exactly what I planned to do. Yes, it is a little ambitious but I think I can do it without her finding out!


    Chapter 2: I’m leaving on a jet plane – Don’t ask where honey…  This chapter is about a leap of faith I took to pull off my amazing proposal. Don’t try this at home!


    Chapter 3: I have a photographer – Hooray for Emily! This post is about how I killed two birds with 1 tweep. Find out how I met Emily and what she agreed to do in order to help.


    Chapter 4: Suit Up!  How a knight found his shining armour and of course a picture of what it looks like!


    Chapter 5: Would Goldilocks pick to stay at Cinderella’s Castle? If you want to ask a princess to marry you, not just any castle will do. If you want to know my romantic criteria, check out this post.


    Chapter 6: My amazing castle  After checking out hundreds of castles, check out the castle I picked as the best and most romantic.


    Chapter 7: The chances of the proposal happening are up… chances of her saying “Yes” are down.  You won’t understand why until you read it. This post was a surprise for me too.


    Chapter  8: Are you kidding me?!  You won’t believe how she responded when she found out she won a contest  to be part of  a royal photo shoot in England!


    Chapter 9: Knight in shining armour finds a trusty steed  I was not horsing around in this post. Find out exactly how I managed to get a horse for my special occasion.


    Chapter 10: The good, bad and ugly  You don’t know me – unless you read this post.   It includes the questions I answered during a top secret interview.


    Chapter 11: Saddle up! Yes, I wanted to ride a horse but didn’t know how.  Oh, also read this post if you are curious as to where on earth I actually live.


    Chapter 12: Operation Mother Goose This post is about how I developed the cover story for my proposal. It was kind of cool to be working on a covert operation.


    Chapter 13: No ring left behind In this article I talk about what was going on in my mind before leaving on my secret trip to England.


    Chapter 14: Road trip – Justin vs. England  Read all about my adventures/misadventures during my first days in England.


    Chapter 15: Plan C: Mission Impossible? This chapter has lots of juicy details about my secret plan including the change that made it even more complicated and risky


    Chapter 16: All Systems Go  The twists and turns in my secret plan continue as I tell you what happened on the day I proposed.


    Chapter 17: Times Up  The story continues with unexpected surprise at the salon where my girlfriend got her hair done, my secret escape to the castle and what happened when I got there.

    Chapter 18: My Fairytale Proposal
     After some unexpected mishaps,this chapter explains how I pulled things together. Well almost, find out inside if she saw secretly getting ready in my hiding spot.


    Chapter 19: My Question and Her Answer  This is the last chapter of my amazing proposal. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. Enjoy this last post and find out what happened with I asked my princess to marry me.